by Laurie James

Only a stomach that rarely feels hungry scorns common things. ~Horace

800 million people go hungry

everyday. really. 800 million.

and you worry about your

401(k) and what color of

granite you’ll put on your

countertops, or maybe your latte

has too much foam.

you think you are part of the

800 million but still weigh in at 50 lbs

over and never walk anywhere,

These days roll by and

the sun shines, the rain falls,

the season becomes other

colors and odors. your long

walk sunday felt like a march

and the voice inside your head

wouldn’t shut up so you could

listen to the birds that go on and on

singing their unbridled joy.

this season, go deep inside

your heart, dig way down there

and find a way to be thankful

for all that you do have, do think

you possess … take that moment

to say out loud to everyone, or

to whoever is standing next to you …

say … thank you for it all.

Thank you that I only suffer

in little ways, that I have

freedom, friends, a roof,

a car, food more than three

times a day. It’s that simple.

Let the rest of it go.

Be thankful.