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Gene Rush’s Recommended Reading List

Sidebar by Margaret Rush

Construction – September 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Gene’s Recommended Reading List

How to Design & Build Your Own Home, by Lupe DiDonno and Phyllis Sperling; Alfred A. Knopf, N.Y., 1986, 365 pages. Especially good in heat-budget analysis.

Step-by-step Guide Book on Home Wiring, by Ray and Elaine McReynolds; Step-By-Step Guide Book Co., Salt Lake City, 1990, 48 pages. Very good on wiring switches, outlets, and lights.

Basic Wiring Techniques, Ortho Books, Chevron Chemical Company, San Ramon, California, 1982, 96 pages.

Basic Plumbing Techniques, Ortho Books, 1982, 96 pages.

Wood-frame House Construction, by L.O. Anderson; U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Handbook No. 73, 1975, 223 pages.

Fine Homebuilding (a bi-monthly magazine available in the Salida Library)

Dwelling Construction Under the Uniform Building Code; International Conference of Building Officials, Whittier, California, 81 pages.