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Enjoyed trailer piece

Letter from Marianne Katte

Colorado Central – July 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Ed,

I really enjoyed the piece by David Feela in the June edition about the trailers.

Owning a 1975 museum piece myself, they certainly have charm and when kept up, look

And hurrah for Rico telling Telluride to go fly a kite! (by Allen Best) If Telluride does not want to provide for its workers, then it does not deserve to have workers, right? At those wages? But I know, I know, they also need those jobs.

In your “creativity needed” you forgot the road from I-70 to Central City (before they built the new monster). Drove it down once and discovered why it is called “oh my God” road. Hilarious. We ought to tack that name onto the next subdivision or Highlands Ranch.

Some time ago Roy and I drove over the old grade (the first) going over Old La Veta pass and he told me some tales about running a train up there. Those people sure had it hard. Parts of the old town are still up there, as well as the old depot and I think hotel (I might be mistaken, my memory being what it is). I recommend this trip to anybody, but not in a luxury limousine. Now the drive on the new road is bland.

Marianne Katte. Germany