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Did $4 gasoline cause a slow summer in Salida?

Brief by Central Staff

Economy – October 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine

We note with sorrow the closing of the West End Café at the corner of First and G streets in Salida. From what we heard, business was just too slow this summer to sustain operations through the winter.

Indeed, we heard a lot about a summer with lower sales. One gallery said business was down about $7,000 from last year, and another put its slide at $10,000. Yet the town seemed about as busy as ever.

Our guess is that $4-a-gallon gasoline didn’t keep people from driving to the mountains, but they had less to spend once they were here. That pushed local income down, and one thing people are quick to cut during slow times is eating out.

To move on, we need to mention this, lest we be accused of a cover-up. Colorado Central belongs to the Salida Business Alliance, and even participates, in that our publisher is the secretary for the organization.

The SBA supports downtown beautification by designing and selling attractive Salida photo calendars. Alas, the 2009 calendar, now available, is in error for January and February, with valid dates for the rest of the year. Despite several proofreadings by different people, the error slipped through.

An insert will provide correct calendars for those two months, so all should turn out well.

It does bring to mind that one of Salida’s charms is that you can be at a store counter, ask the date as you write a check, and start an argument about what day it is. It’s the 20th. No, it’s the 19th. I could swear it’s the 21st.