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County commissioners’ e-mail sought

Brief by Allen Best

Government – September 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

Colorado’s open records laws allow individuals and organizations to request copies of public records. With that in mind, an organization called the Republican Study Committee of Colorado has asked for the e-mail messages sent by all three Gunnison County commissioners, plus Garfield County’s TrĂ©si Houpt and San Miguel County’s Art Goodtimes. All are Democrats except for Goodtimes, a Green Party member.

The Telluride Watch says that the email records of the last five years show that Goodtimes is out to reform Club 20, the Western Slope advocacy group. That simple fact is neither new nor news among people who pay attention to such things. Just the same, copying all the records has been a royal pain, said the San Miguel county administrator, something that any number of federal land officials would likely second.