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Colorado Rail Facts for June 2009

The D&RGW Train Depot in Grand Junction was one of the costliest small railroad stations of the West, at $60,000, when it was built, beginning in 1905.

Train Depot in Grand Junction - original
Train Depot in Grand Junction - original

A large oval waiting room greeted the public who entered the depot through glass and oak doors. During the 1920s the second floor was extended over the entire oval room but was restored to its original 22-foot ceiling during a remodel in the 1990s. Stained glass that had been removed during the earlier remodel was restored in the later project.

Grand Junction Station - now
Train Depot in Grand Junction - now

The Friends of the Grand Junction Railroad Depot, a private, non-profit group of concerned citizens in Mesa County, have the shared goal of restoring and revitalizing the historic railroad depot.

The depot is privately owned and is currently for sale for $1.1 million.

(Editor’s note: There was an error in last months Rail Facts – Sargents sits on the west side of Monarch Pass, not the east side.)