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CD Review: Xanthe – Time of War

By Brian Rill

Xanthe’s tools consist of a guitar and voice, however to say she only has a voice without indulging wholly in the expansiveness of it’s character and the contour of her descant would be a mistake. The commodity value of repetition lacks weight when compared with the absolutely brilliant simplicity of Xanthe’s representation of the Muse. A supremely stripped down version of folk, Time Of War as an album represents a single prayer lifting on the rising vapors beneath the Omphalos, a sacred stone at the Delphic Oracle where a Priestess receives her vision.

Learning to sing along with classics spinning on vinyl, Xanthe experienced a secular upbringing amongst the radical vocal harmony of the seventies. Linda Ronstadt, Simon and Garfunkel; each influence subtlety creates a mutation that exemplifies her own unique style. Laying most of the harmony tracks over her self in the studio conceives an interesting chorus adding a polished patina to an altogether perfect folk CD. In her tune, Poets she teams up with fellow vocalist Harriett Landrum who adds her calm singing into the mix. 

The song Mother is a slow anthem sung by a universal mother. With low scolding condemnation, she addresses the current state of chaos in our world. “Oh my my, what have you done? Your mother and daughter by the gun.” As the last man blinks in the sun and declares that he too has discovered happiness, Xanthe’s eternal warnings still ring true. Mon Ange, delivers French melodies and lyrics that roughly translate as “Where are you my guardian angel? Where is the only soul for me, where is a heart that beats for me alone? I will burn until we are one!” The theme of twin flames crashing together runs throughout Time Of War, this mystical tradition is explored in a number of compositions.


Both songs, Time Of War and Soldier expound upon Xanthe’s fated relationship from a previous incarnation, the echos of which still haunt her. Xanthe’s album works as a sort of self-help journey and act of recovery, for the author as well as the listener. Anyone who allows their heart to be swayed by pathos will be moved by the force of her persuasion. Well written songs with interesting themes make this a fun quick listen however, not until the eternal messages sink into our ears can we fathom the depths of its abysm.

Long, suave love sick songs about the almighty are inadmissible to anyone other than strong secret souls, who while invested in eternal contemplation control the world. He who has time to lose has the power to choose a better life. One way to apply this wisdom would be to listen to Xanthe Alexis, for she’s sharing an audible connection with the divine feminine, or the true nature of God. The tired and weary weaponry of compassion is losing grasp in our modern age while trying to produce hope from despotism. True soldiers of the future act as peaceful warriors who laboriously develop cultural tools of art and music in laboratories filled with ancient myth.

Brian Rill is a teacher, performer and activist poet. Voted Salida’s best musician 2009 and award winning Latin songwriter.