Pedaling Rail Bikes on the Old South Fork

Revolution Rail South Fork

THREE OF US “ADVENTURERS” found ourselves enjoying a short jaunt on rail bikes recently. We were in the old D&RGW (Denver & Rio Grande Western) railroad depot in South Fork. A company there regularly rents out bikes for the three-mile run up to the turntable and back. Up for discussion was the idea of pedaling. …

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The Natural World: Mountain Lions

Katie Maher Fine Art

EARLY MORNING, BEFORE the sun even hinted at dawn, I walked the dog along our suburban sidewalk, with numerous streetlights illuminating our way. I spotted movement ahead — a sizable four-legged form padding silently away, a long tail draped in a graceful curve nearly touching the ground. That’s all I saw but I didn’t need …

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Smiles for Freedom

Relaxation Dental Salida

While anxiety and fear surrounding dental care is as common as dentists portrayed as villains (“Little Shop of Horrors,” Marathon Man,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” etc.) Dr. Nicholas Brown, DDS, is attempting to flip the script one patient at a time.  Brown practices at Relaxation Dental in Salida, and his motto reads, “Because there …

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