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Bigfoot believers listen hard in Uintah Range

Brief by Allen Best

Imaginary Wildlife – September 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

Believers in sasquatch, otherwise known as bigfoot, have been tramping among the forests of the Uintah Range between Park City, Utah, and Evanston, Wyo.

Among the believers was Matthew Moneymaker, 41, who is president of the southern California- based Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. “You’re about 100 times more likely to hear them than to see them,” Moneymaker told The Park Record.

The believers in sasquatch (sasquatchuans?) tell the newspaper that they are sure that bigfoot bangs on sticks, clanks rocks together, and howls while in the forest primeval. “You’re a little bit scared, but you’re excited,” said John Andrews, who has been studying bigfoot for about 50 years.

All of those who have seen or heard bigfoot are encouraged to tell all on the organization’s website,