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About the Cover Photographer: David Sorensen

By David Sorensen

David Sorensen migrated with his family from the Netherlands to the San Luis Valley, Colorado in 2016. They have a dream of living in the beauty of God’s creation. As a nature photographer, David has found that the beauty of nature has a healing effect on people. Nature’s beauty gives us a feeling of well being, relaxation and positive thoughts. It lowers stress levels and gives a sense of abundant life. That’s why David created a brand new interior collection with his very best nature photography, called Paradise Canvas Prints. This collection literally “brings paradise into your home.” You can order his Colorado wall art at David’s website:

Now that David lives in Colorado with his family, he has even more opportunities to photograph the majesty of God’s beautiful world. Because he doesn’t just visit the wilderness of Colorado but actually lives in it, he has unique opportunities to photograph the true majesty of this amazing country. David is also a Christian minister with a desire to bring people back into a loving relationship with our beautiful Creator. His ministry website is: