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A politician’s lot is not an easy one

Brief by Central Staff

Politics – June 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ken Chlouber, a Leadville Republican who represents much of Central Colorado in the Colorado General Assembly, was honored on April 21 by Colorado Libertarians because, “on two seemingly very different issues, he took the consistently pro-freedom approach that is the essence of the Libertarian spirit.”

Those two issues were Chlouber’s effort to ease restrictions on carrying concealed weapons and his opposition to the ban on homosexual marriage.

Chlouber is running for state senate this year against incumbent Democrat Linda Powers, whom he characterizes as “so far to the left that she’s in oncoming traffic.”

But Chlouber may face GOP primary opposition from Ron Leyba of Buena Vista, who says Chlouber is a liberal who “advances the homosexual agenda” while Leyba is a “true conservative.”