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A hard year to get right

Brief by Central Staff

Mountain Life – January 2009 – Colorado Central Magazine

As members of the Salida Business Alliance, we shared in the embarrassment resulting from some errors in the group’s calendars, which carry attractive local photos with the profits going to local beautification projects. In the 2008 calendar, November had 31 days, and January and February were in error in the 2009 version.

This inspired us to be extra careful in preparing our production calendar for 2009, and to double-check, we read it against the 2009 calendar on page 388 of the 2009 edition of The World Almanac and Book of Facts, our favorite one-stop reference book.

And guess what? According to the Almanac, December of 2009 will have only 30 days. We’re sticking with 31, but this does show that the SBA is in good company.