A corner that must be easy to miss

Brief by Staff

Traffic – August 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

A corner that must be easy to miss

One Leadville intersection must be a tough one — or at least it was on the night of June 28.

At about 9 p.m., one William V. Cahill of Aspen was headed west on Mountain View Drive, which ends at a T junction with County Road 9.

He didn’t make the turn. Instead, he crossed the county road and rolled his 1964 Ford pickup.

A minute or so later, Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Gregory approached the intersection — and missed the turn, too, damaging his patrol car in the process.

The two accidents were related. According to police reports, Cahill had been arguing with his parents, who live nearby. One of them called the sheriff, and Cahill took off. Deputy Gregory was in pursuit, but we doubt that he was supposed to pursue Cahill by missing the same corner.