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How fireflies might be invading Colorado

Letter by Charlie Green

Rural life – August 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

How fireflies might be invading Colorado


It’s the Curmudgeon of Copper Gulch again. Now, don’t stop reading; I’m not gonna complain about the Fremont County Road 28 paving or the yuppies’ influx. I was actually kind’ve flattered the other day when a tourist couple stopped while I was reinstalling my mailbox because of the paving I’m not gonna mention, and asked me where Copper Gulch Road was.

I put on my best Country Boy drawl and told ’em it was about a half mile down the road they were on. I guess that makes me a real local now!

OK. Enough not mentioning any of the above. I’m really writin’ about the firefly letter in issue before last (Gulch time kinda slips by). I gotta disagree with the expert the writer quoted (lost the issue so I don’t have names handy; guess it went in the privy as part of our recycling program) about no fireflies in Colorado.

If’n ya ever been campin’ at Valley View Hot Springs, you’ve seen the little critters flashing all along the warm streams. If you weren’t watchin’ sumpthin’ else!

Anyway, since the writer said they have appeared in the Wet Valley recently, I wonder if they coulda got blown over the Sangres on one of those rare occasions when the winds get up in that area. And, after a couple of mild winters, there’s a good colony goin’ now. Just my theory.

Changin’ the subject, after readin’ Hal Walter’s column about the spudzooka, I have ta build me one of those!! For purely defensive purposes only, mind ya!!

See ya at the spudzooka range,

Charlie Green Greater Cotopaxi

[Contrary to popular rumors, Charlie is NOT stockpiling supplies to sell to whY2Kare refugees in December.

He is taking applications for indentured servants to serve him after anarchy takes over when all the highways in Colorado are closed for construction.]