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3 men in a bar

Brief by Anonymous

Humor – May 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

3 men in a bar

A Californian, a Texan, and a Coloradan walked into a bar and each ordered a drink.

After downing his white wine spritzer, the Californian tossed the delicate stemware over his shoulder, where it shattered.

“Why on earth did you do that?” the bartender asked.

“The economy is so good in California these days that we can afford not to drink out of the same glass twice,” the Californian replied.

The Texan downed his shot of bourbon and heaved the shotglass against the wall. The stunned bartender asked why.

“Oil prices have gone up some,” the Texan explained, “and besides, we’ve got all the sand in the world in Texas, and that’s what they make glass out of. So we never have to drink out of the same glass twice.”

The Coloradan downed his mug of the local brew-pub’s ale, set it on the bar, then pulled out a pistol and killed the Californian and the Texan.

Stunned and frightened, the bartender finally worked up the courage to ask the Coloradan why he’d just shot two men in cold blood.

“We have so many Texans and Californians in Colorado,” he explained, “that we never have to drink with the same ones twice.”

— found in Cyberspace