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2008 Collegiate Peaks Forum Series lecturers

Sidebar by Lynda La Rocca

Collegiate Peaks Forum – May 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine

The 2008 Collegiate Peaks Forum Series lecturers are:

Susan Tweit, award-winning author and Salida resident, who asks, “Does the Earth Need People?” and speaks on the topics of “Living Generously” and “Belonging to the Community of the Land,” June 5 and 6;

Dr. Lynn Japinga, Associate Professor of Religion at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, on “Eve Taught Once and Ruined All: The Christian Tradition Says No to Women Leaders” and “Turning the World Right Side Up Again: The Christian Tradition Says Yes to Women Leaders,” July 31 and August 1;

Dr. Peter Vitousek, Stanford University Department of Biological Sciences, Professor of Population and Resource Studies, “Global Environmental Change: Certainties and Uncertainties,” August 11;

Dr. Pam Matson, Professor and Dean, School of Earth Sciences, Stanford University, “A Transition to Sustainability: Reconciling the Needs of People and the Planet in the 21st Century,” August 12;

Dr. David Fideler, editor of The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library, “Cosmos & Harmony: The Classical Perspective” and “Harmony and the Ways of Knowing: Contemporary Perspectives,” September 12 and 13;

Dr. Walid A. Phares, Fox News analyst and author of The War of Ideas: Jihadism Against Democracy, discussing the theocratic implications of Islam in the modern world; exact lecture title and time to be announced.

At press time, lecture locations were still to be determined.