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1995 pack-burro racing results

Brief by Central Staff

Pack-Burro Racing – September 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Tom Sobal of Leadville, racing with Maynard the burro, continued his winning ways at the International Pack Burro Race in Leadville on Aug. 6, coming in first at 2:44 for the 21-mile trek up Mosquito Pass and back.

Hal Walter, a frequent contributor to these pages, placed second, finishing the course in 3:09 with Clyde. Curtis Imrie and Oscar were third at 3:24, and our state representative, Ken Chlouber with Mork, was fourth at 3:42.

Barbara Dolan, running with Sailor, took the women’s 15-mile course in 2:05.

It was neck-and-neck after that. Lorie White and Nester just edged Mary Walter and Hannibal for second at 2:37, and Melissa Lee-Sobal with Dinky nosed Sue Conroe and Waymore for fourth place at 2:38.