Wolves and wayword words

Letter from Roger Kirkpatrick

Colorado Central – November 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

Wolves and wayward words

Howdy Editors,

I have a small bone to pick with Bryce Andrews concerning his wolves and cattle essay on page 2 of the October issue. He sets the stage for the story as “a ranch” but the main topic occurred on public land not a ranch. This is land that is temporarily rented by the rancher from all of us.

In this case, one solution to the wolf problem would be to rent or purchase safer grazing land.

Also, there seems to be a few wayward words lost between pages 31 & 32?


Roger Kirkpatrick


Here’s what should have been at the end of page 31 and the start of page 32:

“Late summer rains delayed the start of construction of a fish-friendly diversion structure for the Gunnison River just upstream of town.

“On November 6th Frémont County voters will get a chance to vote on joining the Upper Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District.”