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White-water excellence

Letter from Dave Cruson

Recreation – August 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Martha and Ed,

The story by Richard Proboscis (“Bash for Cash, Flips for Tips,” July 2002) was excellent. As a rafter for several summers through Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp (west of Hillside) and as a staff person, I could completely relate to many of Richard’s experiences and stories. I always found the guides to be a bit quirky, yet that’s what made the trips a blast.

For two summers in a row, a guide I’ll call Jim had that knack for knowing what a group could and could not do. Jim allowed us the opportunity to do some awesome things, while maintaining the raft occupants safety. Jim brought out the best in people.

Jim’s attitude made everyone relax and have a great time. Thank you, Richard, for a great and true look into these white-water excursions.

Yours in Firewatch,

Dave Cruson


(Pastor, Subscriber, and Central Colorado Lover — the magazine and the territory)