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Where to find the book?

Letter from Fraces Mccullough

Book review – March 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Thanks for the Review, But Where to Find the Book?

Dear Ms. Quillen:

Thank you for the well-written book review of To Catch a Star by Florence McCarty printed in your December 1996 issue of Colorado Central.

Your observations and comments of and on the book were unique in that you compared life then with that now. And you picked up items in the book that hadn’t been commented on before: Julius working in Kansas for the abusive farmer, death in the lives of Julius and Edla, Florence’s dresser gift in Stunner, the values of the Hansens in their family and lives, etc., and your editorial comments were great!

I’ve enlarged the pages from your magazine for Florence’s failing eyesight and am giving them to her. She will greatly enjoy your perception of her writing.

I have only one criticism, and it may not be your fault. You did not mention where the book is available, or where to order it.

If you should need information on the book’s availability, people can write to Frances McCullough, High Valley Press, 5522 East Road 5 North, Monte Vista, CO 81144.

Frances McCullough Monte Vista

(Editor’s Note: We usually do not list publisher addresses and ordering information when books are available in local bookstores, as this one was. Our policy is to encourage people to shop at their local bookstores.)