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Where are the alternatives to the growth of ORV use?

Letter from Robert Cross

Public land use – October 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine


While I enjoyed the reprint from the Washington Monthly [“Playground or Preserve” in the September edition], I found it lacking (perhaps because of the audience at which it was originally directed). Ms. Watzman does a thorough job of reporting the existing status of the growing problem with off road vehicles. While the article was lengthy, when I finished reading, my impression was that it hurried to a lame conclusion for the sake of publication space.

Where was the iteration of some sensible and respectful alternatives? Where was a compelling argument for any action at all? Are we to conclude that because the majority of ORV owners think any intrusion is justifiable, any attempt at limitations must be driven only by our consideration of future generations? I suspect that among your acquaintance there is a much more forceful and persuasive advocate for the protection, conservation, and preservation of the delicate public lands in the west.

I hope you will make an effort to publish a follow up to this article that can energize the continuing battle to “rein in” the unconscionable destruction of wild habitat by off-road vehicles.

Robert L. Cross