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What’s a lodge?

Brief by Allen Best

Housing – November 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

The word “lodge” gets used with some frequency in ski communities, as in “ski lodge.” In such use, it has assumed a generic meaning as a building near ski slopes for use by the general public.

Thus, for lack of a better word, any mountain-side beanery that slings cheeseburgers and fries becomes a “lodge,” a word that in its original connotation implied a place for sleeping.

In Avon, the town council recently adopted a law trying to curb short-term rentals in a residential community called Wildridge. As defined by the town, a lodge is a building containing a common kitchen and dining facilities occupied by paying guests on a temporary (31 days or less) basis.

Perhaps somebody needs to invent a generic name for mountain-side restaurants and warming huts.