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Westcliffe working on a radio station

Brief by Central Staff

Media – December 2003 – Colorado Central Magazine

Low-power community radio arrived in Salida earlier this year with KHEN, and by next spring, Westcliffe and the Wet Mountain Valley should have their own station: KWMV at 95.9 mHz.

It will operate under the non-profit auspices of the Westcliffe Center for the Performing Arts, with its studio in the Jones Theater. The new station has a construction permit from the Federal Communications Commission; to get a full license, it has to be on the air by May 1.

They should make that deadline, according to board member Bob Thomason, who said the foundation for the transmission tower has been poured. They have a tower to install as soon as the foundation is ready.

As for programming, “we really haven’t got that far,” he said. KWMV will play music, “and I’m sure we’ll do some local commentary and public affairs.”

So far, the station has relied on donated time and materials, without a formal fund-raising drive. “That will be coming,” Thomason said, “since we’ll need more community support to get on the air and stay there.”