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We need to learn how to wage peace

Letter from Bob Cross

The war on terrorism – March 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine


Bravo! Honest and Open debate IS a cornerstone of our democracy and as citizens we are required to participate. If we rely on the pundits and the pollsters, we will never develop a national resolve to properly address the consequences of the fact that some people in the world hate us. It is my hope that this time around, the debate will focus on revealing the principles that are at cause rather than just become part of the rhetoric used to manipulate voters.

As THE LEADERS of the free world, Americans have a responsibility to respond to natural consequences with enlightened good will.

Waging War is certainly not enough however necessary it may be.

We must also learn how to Wage Peace. We must develop a new national will to actively pursue processes that will shed light on painful realities. The history of American foreign policy is full of interventions that are in diametric opposition to the principles so brilliantly described by the founders of our nation.

Hatred is a natural response to hypocrisy. As a nation we must also examine our transgressions and act in remediation. We must test our actions against our principles before we commit.

Bottom line, I support this current War Effort while recognizing that it will not be nearly enough. The real test for Americans will be what we do when the bombing and violence no longer have relevance.

Bob Cross