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Time for Ben Campbell to switch parties again?

Letter by Ken Wright

Politics – November 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Time for Sen. Campbell to switch parties again?

To the editor:

It seems Sen. Ben “Nighthorse” Campbell is offering the American people a Trojan horse. Last month a Senate committee approved a bill to authorize a water project in Montana — a bill onto which our Senator has attached a rider that would approve the Animas-La Plata Project without public involvement.

If A-LP were something the American people wanted and could afford, it long ago would have been able to stand and walk to approval on its own legs. Instead, it continually fails to pass muster in our democratic system of checks and balances. Rather than listen to that repeated message from The People, though, Campbell now wants to take The People out of the decision. Isn’t that how the Soviet Union used to do business?

Regardless of your feelings toward A-LP, as an American this should be a disturbing action. Maybe it’s time Sen. Campbell switches parties again, this time to the Communist Party.

Ken Wright Durango