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The land of the Martys

Letter from Marty Frick

Nominal Confusion – January 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Martha’s Letter from the Editor in the December edition. I noticed David Broder did a similar column in late November, but yours is better. Somehow, we have a nation of people who value exploring space and eart

And just FYI, “Keeping Track” listed me as being elected to our school board, and I just wanted to let you know that it ain’t me. Marti Frink, who did get elected, and Marty Frick, who did not even want the job, so often get confused, we actually get a kick out of each other’s mail. So I’m sure wherever you got the info, it was written wrong, and it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve gotten lots of calls of congratulations because even when it’s spelled correctly, people still think it’s me. And we also have Marty Funk and Marty Fulton up here. Never known so many Martys.

Anyway, we are all so lucky to have you there doing what you do, Marty.

Marty Frick