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The Environment Church

Letter from Lisa S. Dolby

Environment – November 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Mr. Quillen,

I certainly enjoyed your article, “The Pass Between the Rockies” [in the August, 1995, edition of Colorado Central]. We don’t appreciate enough, the history and geological origin of the world around us. The forces that created this geological make-up are certainly nothing to scoff at.

That’s another reason the piousness of Republican’s makes me want to barf! By scoffing at environmentalism, they’re ultimately scoffing at their own creator!

I think steps should be taken to designate environmentalism a religion with equal political clout, and tax-exempted status as the Christian Coalition. I think if management of public lands is going to be forced into the private sector, environmentalists should launch a massive drive to buy up national monuments that will be left vulnerable such as the Sand Dunes National Monument.

With religious tax-exempt status, there is no reason why these places which are considered sacred by multitudes of Americans couldn’t be owned and managed by an environmentalist “church” of sorts.

After all, if there is a God, it would be ludicrous to try to restrict such massive power within a man-made church sanctuary. So why not designate nature as the sanctuary of the greater power that created it?

The Republicans say to hell with big government. I say to hell with big government, too. As long as I knew there would be a sound, organized alternative to government land management, I wouldn’t mind seeing it get scrapped. I certainly don’t want to see public lands fall into the hands of capitalist nature rapists!

I’d rather see these lands being shared with a few honest ranchers than simply stand by and watch them fall into the hands of miners and developers who would exploit them and desecrate them beyond recognition with no qualms at all!

Lisa S. Dolby

Poncha Springs