The city is changing, but not for the better

Letter from a Salida Subscriber

Salida growth – August 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Changing, but not better


Here’s a list of things not possible in Salida anymore:

Going for a walk in the mountains without running into no trespassing signs.

Leaving your car unlocked and finding your tape deck still there.

Planting a garden without having to water it at midnight.

Being able to walk around town at night without the police IDing you.

Having quiet — with no sirens screaming and driving your nervous system crazy.

Being able to drive on Rainbow Boulevard without waiting a half hour.

Being able to plan on using wood heat to keep warm without the next stupid rule freezing us out.

Not having to worry about property taxes going up until you lose your house.

I wondered about Denny Daley’s comment regarding everyone in Salida wanting the town to grow. Is he crazy? If that’s what the city council believes, no wonder we’re in trouble.

By the way, does anyone know who picked out the most expensive and troublesome water meters? Leadville and Mesa Antero both have the inside ones, and theirs cost less, too.

A Salida Subscriber

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