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Teenagers were always troublesome

Brief by Central Staff

Local History – November 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Today’s Troublesome Teenagers Are … well, pretty much like their forebears

“We have secured from the Mayor and City Council their consent to have a curfew in Salida.”

So reported Mrs. A.D. Salomson, the city’s humane officer, on Sept. 7, 1948, when the grandparents of today’s Salida teenagers were apparently running at large and bound for no good end.

The curfew was at 10 p.m., signaled by ringing the bell at the firehouse.

Mrs. Salomson noted that “We should have some kind of youth center here which would eliminate late hours on the street.”

Go back another generation or so, to the Dec. 7, 1905 edition of the Buena Vista Republican:

Enforce Spitting Ordinance

The other day a lady was going along Main street, where two men were sitting on the stairs. Just as she passed, one of them spat a mouthful of tobacco on the sidewalk, where it splashed on her dress. Again, a lady, carrying an armful of bundles and leading a little child were passing along when the little one fell and its white dress was covered with tobacco spit.

There is an ordinance against spitting on the sidewalk, and if men will not respect it, a few examples will serve to enforce respect where it is lacking.