Tax big spewts like trophy houses

Letter from Marcia Darnell

Politics – April 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

To the Editors,

George Sibley’s plan for taxing trophy homes out of existence could easily be adapted for ego vehicles, too. The annual car registration fee could be calculated based on fuel efficiency, emissions, and vehicle size.

For instance, an electric car would cost nothing to register. A Honda with great mileage and a low-emissions sticker would carry a modest yearly fee. A spewt would run several thousand per year, and a Hummer or Ford Excessive would cost full sticker price — every year — to be legal. Reselling the vehicle wouldn’t change the bill, and age wouldn’t alter the tab, either — except when it affected mileage and pollution.

Being an English major I haven’t come up with a precise formula.

Perhaps some math head out there can help.

Marcia Darnell