Tar Heel State of Consciousness

Brief by Central Staff

New Age – November 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Tar Heel State of Consciousness

Even if UFOs keep popping up in the sky over Salida, our state could be losing its attractiveness to some segments of the population.

The Rocky Mountain News in September printed statistics indicating that the migration from California is tapering off.

Where might they be going instead?

Mike Hopping, a subscriber in Asheville, North Carolina, provided us with a copy of New Frontier, a New Age magazine published there.

Right after a full-page ad for directional silica-based Tachyonized cells, there was an article by Sw. Virato, “Asheville, North Carolina, City of Light,” which offered this insight:

There is something quite powerful, mysterious, and wonderful happing in this area…and it’s happening fast! People from other so-called new age places like Sedona, Arizona; Marin County, CA; Boulder, CO; Maui, HI; Seattle, WA, and from all over the country, are flocking to the Asheville area. Really flocking. In fact, in the few months since I’ve moved here, I would say that about half of them have been here less than a year, with many talking a few months or weeks.

And when do they get plans for their very own pyramid?