The complainers may be the ones who make the rules necessary

Letter by John Walker

Zoning – December 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Those who complain loudest about all the regulations are often those who make the regulations necessary


That every American has a birthright to express an opinion regardless of the facts was again evidenced in Jan Evans’s October lament over Frémont County zoning.

This system of zoning was arrived at following lengthy public review and input — an inexact process loosely termed democracy that does not number simplicity among its virtues. “Nonconforming” uses, which Ms. Evans presents as proof of poor zoning typically represent pre-existing uses “grandfathered” in at the time zoning was adopted. I think most would agree that this is a reasonable outcome and better than forcing a business to relocate.

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Getting into the Fremont Zone deponds on what you call it

Brief by Jan Evans

Zoning – October 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

A local building contractor has suggested that Frémont County should throw out its zoning regulations and start over.

That sounded like the raving of an overzealous survivalist, until I explored the fascinating world of county zoning regulations. Compared to neighboring Custer and Chaffee Counties, Frémont’s rules concerning what people can do with their land are the most complex.

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