The Fantastic Eureka Mine

By Duane Vandenbusche

It was the most fantastic mine in the history of the Gunnison Country. Located by William Mansfield in July of 1879 on the west flank of Treasury Mountain at 13,440 feet, the Eureka defied description. The mine was located above Yule Pass and near the top of the mountain. Even getting to the Eureka was difficult. One way in followed Yule Creek from Marble. The other route came from the headwaters of the Slate River and over terrifying Yule Pass. Silver ore from the mine was at first brought down by burro teams over Yule Pass and then down the Slate River to the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad spur at Anthrocite, four miles north of Crested Butte. The burro trains made the round trip in two days, and it cost $3 per ton for haulage.

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