We’re ready for Y2K, if not quite compliant

Column by Hal Walter

Y2K – March 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

I WAS LISTENING TO Radio-Free Jesus the other day while driving around in my truck. This is the umpteengigawatt Colorado Springs station where “one nation, under God,” means the religious right gets to make up all the rules by which everybody must live. I didn’t need to see the opening scene in the movie “Elizabeth,” in which several religious “heretics” (in this case Protestants) were burned at the stake by the Catholic-run government, to know that theocracy is a real bad idea.

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Not Quite Slouching toward the Millennium

Essay by Martha Quillen

Y2K – February 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

THESE DAYS it looks as though our president may not have enough time or energy left to finish that bridge into the twenty-first century. But even so, this millennium is almost over, and the next is coming, ready or not. And curiously, that strikes us as somehow important — although we’re not sure why.

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When does the millenium really start?

Brief by Central Staff

Y2K – February 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

When does the new millennium start?

Technically, not until 2001, at least by most reckonings.

For starters, there was no year 0. So the first decade would be the 10 years from 1 to 10, inclusive, with the second decade starting in 11. And the first century would comprise the years from 1 through 100.

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