Skier’s Remorse: An Early-Season Lesson in Inertia

THE TELEPHONE RANG MUCH EARLIER than I had expected. “Moeller, get up,” the excited voice blurted. “It snowed 13 inches at Monarch. Let’s get rolling.” I clambered out of bed, looked out the window and grinned. The Pueblo sky was dumping fat, sloppy flakes the size of pancakes. Moments later Adam sped up to my …

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Writing in the Age of LOL, BRB and WTF

By Hal Walter

When I spoke to my son’s 5th grade class back in September, I did a short reading from my book Wild Burro Tales. I had a little postscript in mind, and after the reading I asked how many of the kids want to be writers when they grow up.

I was expecting one or two to raise their hands, and I had some premeditated advice for them. What I was not expecting was to see a lot of little hands shoot enthusiastically into the air.

I was paralyzed briefly. I thought, really? This many kids want to be writers? What exactly will they write in this day and age of social media, online “news” feeds and Kindle Shorts? And who will pay them to do this writing? Should I warn them of the frustrations, the long odds of “success” … the pay?

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By John Mattingly
When I started farming back in the late 1960s, I had a little time in the winter, during which I started writing. It became my hobby. A lot of farmers are able to pull a hobby out of their profession by fixing up antique tractors, or tinkering with various kinds of collections, or restoring old guns, but I settled on writing.

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Telling Tales in the Valley

by Susan Bavaria

Ranging in age from 81 on down, several regional women authors have written books as varied as river stones. Tackling subjects ranging from geology to self-publishing, these six writers exemplify the moxie needed to endure the publishing process and a love for language that creates worthy content. Some have taught students. Some have experienced far-flung adventures in the quest to find a good story. Some are members of the Colorado Authors League. All share a passion for good literature and an innate curiosity about the world we share.

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Scrounging and writing

Brief by Central Staff

Writing – December 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine

If you’re both a scrounge artist and a writer (given what writing pays, the two often go together), you might want to contribute an essay to a new anthology now being assembled by the Rocky Mountain Land Library.

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Helping writers reach inside to fight the block

Article by Lynda La Rocca

Writing – April 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine

“Writers have an island, a center of refuge, within themselves. It is the mind’s anchorage, the soul’s Great Good Place.” –Wright Morris, American novelist

WRITING AS A MEANS of spiritual unfolding has a long tradition in cultures the world over. It’s a tradition being upheld in Central Colorado today by sisters-in-law Amy Frykholm and Stephanie Frykholm.

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Writing the Range in Gunnison this summer

Brief by Central Staff

Writing – May 2003 – Colorado Central Magazine

If you’ve ever felt a compulsion to write about the West, and you’d like to learn more about how to do it, Western State College may be able to help. Along with the Western Writers of America, the college is sponsoring a four-day workshop this summer which will include nine credit classes, as well as some recreation.

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Writin’ the Range

Brief by Central Staff

Writing – December 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

If you’re a woman in the West and you’ve got a true story about the role of women and community, then there are three editors who’d like to hear from you.

The editors are Linda M. Hasselstrom, Gaydell Collier, and Nancy Curtis, who have produced two similar anthologies: Woven on the Wind and Leaning into the Wind.

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Keyboards in the Sagebrush

Brief by Central Staff

Writing – July 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ever want to write about the West, but weren’t sure where to start, or what genre to use?

Then you might want to look into “Writing the West,” a five-day conference scheduled for July 21-26 at Western State College in Gunnison.

It will cover just about every way to write about the West, from poetry and screenplays to songs and novels.

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