From the Battlefield to Salvation

By Ann Marie Swan

Alamosa may be a little bit of heaven on earth for Afghanistan Army veteran Spc. Mary Harmon. It’s where she found healing, peace, grace and redemption.

Harmon’s journey home from Afghanistan has been a bumpy one as she’s transitioned to life after the military. She’s tried to soothe her post-traumatic stress disorder, sometimes drinking and drugging. PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can occur following a traumatic event, according to the National Center for PTSD. PTSD is a normal reaction to a horrific experience and it’s as old as combat.

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An Interview with Iraqi Veteran Nick Morgan

Editor’s note: I first met Nick Morgan last summer in the San Luis Valley while he was living in Salida. I was curious to learn about his experiences as a returning Iraqi war veteran and was somewhat taken aback, but not entirely surprised by some of his stories. Since we first met he is now a student at CU Boulder. Initially I had planned to write an article based on his responses to the interview questions, but found his own words so compelling I decided to let him speak for himself. – M.R.

When did you enlist and which branch?

I enlisted in April of 2002 in the Army Reserves.

How old where you?

I was eighteen. It was right before I graduated high school.

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