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Smoothie Operators

(a mixed-up true story with made-up names)

By Mark Kneeskern

“Let’s say we take my world in a rented rig.”

The Costco parking lot in Colorado Springs at 11pm: a peculiar place to discuss the strategies of a mobile smoothie enterprise which will follow 25,000 bicyclists across the state of Iowa.

Earlier that evening: I’m driving the Aerostar, cruising behind an Econoline van driven by Graham Booth, leader of this contingency. Riding shotgun with Booth is Lola, who misses her dogs. Booth pulls a trailer which, unfortunately, has no functioning lights. Somewhere behind us is Saul, driving his PowerStroke, pulling the second trailer. With Saul are Star and Tiana, inseparable and incorrigible. In Cañon City, Booth applied red reflective stickers above the tail-lights of the trailer.