Priced out of Colorado, they’re headed for Oklahoma

Sidebar by Terence Corrigan

Restoring old cars – April 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Headed for Oklahoma

Dennis Francis grew up with old cars, helping his uncle Stan around the shop in Howard.

Although he tried truck driving for 13 years, he eventually decided to return full-time to the antique car and truck body restoration business. “I have always come back to this because I enjoy fabricating parts and working on old cars,” he said.

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Stan Frances of Howard is trying to retire (again)

Article by Terence Corrigan

Restoring Old Cars – April 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

AFTER 41 YEARS OF RESTORING and building antique truck and car bodies, Stan and Mary Francis of Howard are retiring.

“This is the second time we’ve decided to retire,” Stan said, as he serviced the antique sewing machine he uses to stitch upholstery, convertible tops, and side curtains.

Stan and Mary’s first retirement started 21 years ago after they closed their Denver business, Golden Restoration, and moved out of the city to Howard. At its peak, Golden Restoration employed 32 workers.

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