Water Update

by John Orr

Taylor River rafting rift comes full circle

The epic saga, termed “row vs. wade” by some opponents, ended up with a deal for this season between Wilder on the Taylor fishing reserve owners Jackson-Shaw and the owners of the two rafting operations, Three Rivers Outfitting and Scenic River Tours.

Hours of operation will be limited for the outfitters, generally during the middle of the day. A portage will be allowed around a bridge on the fishing reserve as a nod to safety during high water. The outfitters promise to police their operations strictly so as not to jeopardize their permits from the U.S. Forest Service or the agreement with Jackson-Shaw.

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Is There a Right to Float?

by Forrest Whitman

Central Colorado is boating country. Boating on the Arkansas River is not only fun, it’s a huge business. 42% of the entire Colorado boating market uses the Arkansas. Several other big destinations such as the Taylor are in the region as well. Officials estimate that boaters put a whopping $62 mil into the economy of Central Colorado each year.

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