Skier’s Remorse: An Early-Season Lesson in Inertia

THE TELEPHONE RANG MUCH EARLIER than I had expected. “Moeller, get up,” the excited voice blurted. “It snowed 13 inches at Monarch. Let’s get rolling.” I clambered out of bed, looked out the window and grinned. The Pueblo sky was dumping fat, sloppy flakes the size of pancakes. Moments later Adam sped up to my …

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Of Snow and Wild Burros

By Hal Walter One snowy morning this fall, at the school-bus stop, another parent commented on the weather, asking, “You think this means we’re going to get some actual snow this winter?” I thought about this briefly and then recalled that the previous fall it had snowed a couple times early, then basically stopped for …

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Down on the Ground Waiting for Snow

By George Sibley

T.S. Eliot was wrong: November, not April, is the cruelest month, teasing us not with lilacs from a dead land, but with flirty little snowstorms that promise much but deliver little.

Yes, it’s the November doldrums again over here on the west side of Central Colorado, where we are waiting, as usual in November, for snow. Lots of snow. Monarch Ski Area, on the east side, opened Nov. 20 on a 20-inch base and a prayer, and Crested Butte opened Nov. 25 for Thanksgiving with about the same, plus some manmade stuff.

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The return of the cloud seeders

Brief by Allen Best

Snow – November 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

With streams running at their lowest in 150 years, ski areas and cities in Colorado have been looking at once discarded ideas, including cloud-seeding. Deployed extensively after the last benchmark drought winter, 1976-77, the cloud-seeding generators have since been largely abandoned. The only consistent holdouts were Vail and Beaver Creek.

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