News from the San Luis Valley

By Patty LaTaille

Journalist Allegedly Attacked

A temporary protective order alleging physical and possible sexual assault was filed on a former Saguache County Commissioner and current Center school board candidate after an incident Wednesday, Oct. 12, at the Saguache County Courthouse.

County Planning Commission Chairman and Center School Board candidate Bill McClure allegedly attacked Center Post-Dispatch reporter Teresa Benns in the Land Use Office.

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SLV Briefs – March 2009

by Marcia Darnell

Two students at Alamosa High School protested the school’s lack of recognition of Martin Luther King Day by skipping classes and waving a sign at passersby.  Their activism might have carried more punch if the sign didn’t read, “Remeber Dr. King.” The misspelling made it clear they needed more time in school.
Another man’s plan ricocheted when Jesse Sloan escaped from the Dept. of Corrections and stupidly went home to Fort Garland, where a SWAT team was waiting for him. No one was hurt in the re-capture.

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