News from the San Luis Valley

Woman Crashes Into Sheep Forty two sheep were killed after a drunk Monte Vista woman plowed into them with her car. Lynn Ann Michel, 47, was driving westbound on Rio Grande C.R. 8 South when she rammed the flock. After fleeing the scene, her license plate was recovered by Colorado State Patrol troopers. In addition …

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Round and round

Essay by John Mattingly

Sheep – April 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine

AS A FARMER who’s ranched enough to know better, I’m very sensitive to crop and creature mistakes in movies — things like corn tasseling in January in Iowa, or Longhorns morphing into Herefords from one scene to the next.

There’s a rural myth about the County Agent who came out to the ranch to help preg check cows. The rancher ran a fat steer into the chute, asked the Agent to check it. After a deep search, the Agent determined the steer to be 3 months pregnant.

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