A Letter to Sibley from this Place

Essay by Aaron Abeyta

Sense of Place – January 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear George,

Here is this struggle, my struggle to write about a place when all I do is write about this place. Some part of me feels like all you have to do is press play and I will begin again in some innate migration to the llanos, mountains, churches, and rivers that form my home. I suppose it is no accident that I chose the word migration. My people came to my valley home and lands of New Mexico over 400 years ago and have been stealing or stolen from ever since.

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If you have a sense of place, you don’t need to look for one

Letter from Slim Wolfe

Sense of Place – January 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ed and Martha:

I enjoyed your accounts of the oldest towns (December issue). I had recently taken a day-tour of some of these fragile settlements down around the state line. One could wish the whole region might be frozen as a monument, but the third law of real estate in a low-pressure area is about to kick in, so those wanting to wallow as I did in some historic sense of place might better do it soon. That strangely white and grandiose hilltop monastery-thing in San Luis may be a sign of more grandiose things to follow.

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Where we are — or think we are

Column by George Sibley

Sense of Place – November 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

SENSE OF PLACE has come to be one of those concepts whereby we post-modern, post-industrial, post-urban bucolics move up through the thirty-two degrees of right living. So it seems appropriate that “senses of place” should be the focus of the 12th regional “Headwaters Conference” early this November in Gunnison.

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