By Patty LaTaille

1990. Heidelberg, Germany. Schiller International University. College student – me – accepted from State University of New York, Cortland. Germany in a historic tumultuous transitional time. Took a sledgehammer to Berlin Wall – fell two months previous. Willkommen in Deutschland. Treated with kindness, curiosity, consideration and respect. My knowledge and practice of the language encouraged and enhanced. Gained 17 pounds in six months; beer, bread and chocolate – food tastes so much better over there. Life-threatening illness after trip to Greece. Saved within 24 hours of “expiration” by German physician and five-day stay in hospital with excellent care – $300. Returned to U.S. as an ambassador of all things German. “Ich liebe Deutschland!”

Fast forward to 2017: eight young recent graduates of Waldorf school in Stuttgart – excited to participate in the Rocky Mountains Language Adventure (RMLA). A vacation/language program. Eager 18-year-old Germans in Salida for one month. Ready to being welcomed into host family homes – presented with opportunities to practice English – and play in mountains of Colorado.

Looking forward to this:

“… participants yearly have had an unforgettable experience, fallen in love with Salida and were praised highly by all who got to know them for their respectful friendliness and great enthusiasm.” – RMLA Program Description.

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Reintroducing the Tabors: A Series by Francisco A. Rios

Part 3 – The Arduous Life of a Senator

Using letterhead stationery of the United States Senate for the envelope and his letter, Horace Tabor wrote to Lizzie McCourt at Oshkosh, Wisconsin on Feb 20 1883 as follows:

My Darling little girl

I do so want to see you it seems an age since I saw you last It will be so charming when you can be with me all the time the little things you toht me to do is being done all right our session yesterday lasted from 11 am to 2 this morning that was 15 hours and I do not like very the office of Senator but the honors are great they are next to President your old friend Senator Sawyer is very pleasant. I have a dinner party of Senators next Saturday night. I want you to love me and help me carry out my wishes. That is to have you all the time. I love you more than all the world and I am so glad that we met What if we had never met this world would have been a blank to me and I think it would have been lonely to you give my love to all and come to me as soon as you agreed to for you must be mine in every sense of the word When I go you go and when I stay you stay love me love me all your warm heart can love love love Kiss

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