Good Neighbor Guidebook, edited by N.S. Grief and E.J. Johnson

Review by Ed Quillen

Rural West – December 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

The Good Neighbor Guidebook for Colorado Necessary Information and Good Advice For Living in and Enjoying Today’s Colorado
Edited by Nancy S. Greif and Erin J. Johnson
Published in 2000 by Johnson Books
ISBN 1-55566-262-5

Code of the West – Chaffee County, Colorado
Published in 2000 by Chaffee County
Free at county offices

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Call me a Sagebrush Patriot

Essay by Ken Wright

Rural West – September 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

I live in a fantastic corner of the American West, on the edge of where mountains fall away into canyon-carved desert. I live in one of this area’s mountain valleys, but at mid-morning on this day I find myself on a high above-tree-line pass, taking in a grand sweep of the country. To the east stands a range of peaks, rippling away like the choppy surface of a lake; to my immediate south rises a single massive peak, a great banded pyramid off whose face falls a sloping scree field that sprawls down and away to the rolling foothill forest lands that reach outward and downward through climate zones, from subalpine fir to piñon and juniper, across the rising and falling of foothills and gathering creeks, then across river valleys and canyons to the green valley bottom where squats the nearest town to the west. Looking in that direction from this 11,000-plus-foot perch I can see across dry sage lands for a hundred miles or more, and in that distance I see the wall of a table-top mountain, the blue bodies of three distant mountain ranges, and the dendritic arms of two major river systems.

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A Valhalla unwilling to face the future?

Article by Joel Kotkin

Rural West – June 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

After nearly a century of ever-intensifying metropolitan growth, American society has begun a march back toward its hinterlands. Reacting to the cacophony of urban life, millions of Americans seemed to be succumbing to what may be called the Valhalla syndrome — a fin de siècle yearning for a heavenly retreat, with the promised reward of a simpler, less complex existence.

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A Modest Proposal for the Interior West

Essay by Ken Wright

Rural West – January 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

There’s nothing like a good bad dirt road to screen out the faintly interested and to invite in the genuinely interested. And it’s perfectly fair and democratic, open to anyone willing to endure a little inconvenience and discomfort for the sake of getting away from the crowds.

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