This is Marlboro Country — literally

Brief by Central Staff

Rural Health – December 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

The Marlboro Man is still too active in Central Colorado, according to the state health department, which issued the results of a two-year study on Nov. 5.

The department’s definition of Central Colorado differs from ours — it covers Clear Creek, Gilpin, and Teller counties in addition to our Chaffee, Custer, Frémont, and Park, and it omits Saguache and Gunnison.

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We’re getting left out of health-care reform

Essay by Ellen Miller

Rural health – June 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

The old Scout handbook included all kinds of instructions about surviving in rattlesnake country. It had instructions about carrying something for a tourniquet, a razor blade or sharp pocket knife for cutting, and a suction cup for getting the poison out. The thrust of it was that, as in the days of the frontier, once you get out to the big empty you’re on your own.

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