The Buena Vista Rodeo Grounds

By Fay Golson

Rodeos are a window into the past and an indelible part of our American culture. Evidance of this can still be found at the Buena Vista Rodeo Grounds, located on 27.2 acres, 1.8 miles southwest of town.
As is well known, the rodeo was not developed as a sporting event, but arose from the performance of utilitarian tasks. These tasks were an integral part of cattle-ranching in areas of Spanish influence in the west, where skills learned from the vaqueros set the stage for an enduring sport.

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The Story behind the Ginger Greene sign in Jefferson

Article by Laurie Wagner Buyer

Rodeo – August 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

People driving through Jefferson — a small settlement on U.S. 285 in South Park which consists of a post office and general store, a few houses, and an abandoned railroad depot restored into an abandoned real estate office — can’t help but notice the sign on the east side of the settlement: “Jefferson, Colorado. Home of Ginger Greene. Miss Rodeo Colorado 1991”.

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