Take advantage of what’s around us

Letter from Rob Mcphee

Child-raising – September 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Editors Ed and Martha:

Martha’s earlier essay [April, 1995, edition] on community plans and activities for children and youth — about not being continually negative with them — really struck a chord with me. Somehow the capability of remedying the situation seems to be even more practical, and easier, in a scenic rural setting like yours.

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Geologic Mischief

Letter from Robert Mcphee

November edition – December 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine


Your November issue was especially interesting to me. Jeanne Englert’s book review on roadside geology, the Climax Mine history, Frémont’s fourth expedition book review, the legislative race between Ken Chlouber and Curtis Imrie, and the religious pyramid controversy in Crestone — they all provided the kind of information that urban residents like myself find helpful in keeping up with you rural sophisticates.

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