Newer doesn’t mean better

Letter from Virginia M. Simmons

Roadside History – April 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine


Although Allen Best was partly correct in his assumption that the state’s new historical markers will provide more information (“Better History along the Road,” March 2001), the Colorado Historical Society, which produces the history, and the Colorado Department of Transportation, which now must approve locations for signs, do not always provide the optimal product. Having been involved one way and another with historical markers for about 35 years, I have appreciation and criticism for both the old and the new.

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The New Monument on Milk Creek

Sidebar by Allen Best

Roadside History – March 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

THERE WAS LITTLE DISPUTE about the facts at Meeker in northwestern Colorado, yet there were two very different tellings of what happened.

The one telling we call the Meeker Massacre, and it’s a familiar story.

Nathan Meeker, the new Indian agent, had managed to annoy the Utes, and when push came to literal shove, a fearful Meeker summoned the U.S. Army from Ft. Steele in Wyoming.

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Better History along the Road

Article by Allen Best

Roadside History – March 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

MANY OF US don’t even notice the historical markers along Colorado’s highways, and even when they do catch our attention, we seldom stop more than once. After all, we’re not going to see anything new.

But that’s changing with a new series of signs from the Colorado Historical Society which aims for inclusiveness and accuracy.

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