From the Editor: Road Trip

I took a rare week off in early April for a Colorado road trip. In less than seven days I traversed six mountain passes, twice crossing the Continental Divide.

My first stop was the Colorado National Monument near Fruita for a rendezvous with a friend. In my 30-plus years in the state I’ve never visited this expanse of red rock and canyon country. As it was early in the season, the campground was pretty empty as were the hiking trails. There were some bicyclists on the rim drive through the park, enjoying what has to be one of the more spectacular rides in the state.

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“A Good Day for a Drive”

an essay by Chris Hunt

First there’s the cramped aisle seat on the commuter. Knees aren’t meant to bend that direction. At least not for that long.

Then off the plane and into the airport. The rush. Harried faces counting gate numbers. Life becomes a watch face. Everybody has a smart phone at their ear, and looks of self-importance cross their faces.

Baggage claim is next – we stand around the carousel like a litter of puppies around a single food bowl, waiting nervously. They lost it. I just know it.

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Seven-Year Itch

Letter from Slim Wolfe

Road Trip – April 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine


Cheez Louise, Ed,

If anybody ever doubted your proletarian credentials you have at least proved yourself to be a glutton for punishment by giving in to those two quagmires, the caucuses and the motherboards. We’ll take your word that there’s a meaningful relationship to democracy and progress, and hope those mothers don’t nail you for child support. Wouldn’t you rather have a staff of unreliable humans to raid your fridge, do substances in your backyard, trample your flowers, and whine about paychecks?

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